A bit about Lih

Lih Reng Foo grew up in Malaysia and came to live in Auckland, New Zealand since 2007.  He was trained as a veterinarian by trade but after working in the veterinary industry for 4 years in his home country, he had decided to pursue his dream as a classical guitar performer and teacher in New Zealand.

He had studied part time at Auckland University for Bachelor of Music in Guitar Performance under the tutorship of Gunter Herbig.   Known among his peers for his passionate playing and impeccable, inimitable tone, Lih is a keen performer at Auckland Classical Guitar Society and have attended master classes by world-class classical guitarists such as Carlos Bonnell, John Couch, Cheryl Grice-Watterson, Isabel Siewers, and Giuseppe Ficara.

He has been performing at various weddings, birthday parties and corporate functions in Auckland for background music since 2009.

Lih teaches classical guitar for young children using Suzuki method. He is also an independent Musiqhub itinerant guitar teacher for primary schools at East and South Auckland area.